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3 Tips to Designing Your Dream Salon

3 Tips to Designing Your Dream Salon

3 Tips to Designing Your Dream Salon

When setting up your salon, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. From interior design schemes, to price lists, to products, there are a lot of things to consider. But remember, creating your own salon is supposed to be fun! Here are 3 salon decor ideas to help you create the salon of your dreams.


One of the most important features in your salon is light. Natural light is always preferred, but not every building is blessed with great windows. If you do have windows, great! Utilize them. Set up your space so every station can benefit from the sunlight. But if you don’t have big windows, there are other ways to light your space.

When choosing light for your salon, keep in mind that the main goal is for your client to look good. If they’re looking in a mirror and don’t like what they see, they’re not going to be happy with your service. Our Bali Tall Styling Station & Mirror (pictured above) work to help improve the lighting in your salon. For a more flattering light, choose warm bulbs instead of cool ones. When placing your lamps, make sure the shadows don’t overlap where your client will be sitting. Also consider if you want behind-the-mirror lights, or if you want to have overhead lighting only, or standing lamps. Check out our salon lighting products to find the perfect lights to brighten up your salon!


There are hundreds of ways you can decorate your salon’s interior. Instead of overhauling everything and starting from scratch, try leaning into the look that your space already has. If you have exposed ductwork, go for a rustic vibe. If your walls or floors are concrete, give your salon a modern feel. It is also important to make sure your salon equipment matches your vibe, like the Odin Styling Chair featured above.


Every client who comes through your doors is going to be sitting in front of a mirror, so it’s important to pick one that’s right for you. Big, multi-station mirrors will make your space feel larger and more open, while single-station mirrors will make each spot feel more intimate. Go for framed mirrors for a homier aesthetic, or naked mirrors for a sleeker look. And remember, when you’re placing your mirrors, make sure you keep your lighting in mind. You don’t want your clients ending up with blinding lights in their eyes!



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