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When it comes to lining up business insurance for your salon, make sure that you are fully covered! Cutting corners in this area can leave salon owners susceptible to litigation, expensive damages, and even lead to closing up shop for good. As a business owner, your salon is your livelihood. Whether you’re expanding or opening your first salon, hair and beauty salon insurance is essential to protect your huge emotional and monetary investment. The beauty industry houses varying types of businesses – ranging from booth rental, franchising, home salons, and small businesses. No matter the type of investment you have put into your salon, it is imperative that you acquire the hairdressing business insurance designed for your unique needs.

1. It’s the Law!

Depending on the state where you live, there are varying rules and regulations that require businesses to have certain types of insurance, such as worker’s compensation and liability insurance. If you don’t have the hair and beauty salon insurance your state requires, the fines and penalties will cost much more than your insurance policy.

2. Protecting Your Stylists

Especially in the salon business, your stylists are your most valuable assets. They are the main reason why the clients keep coming, products fly off the shelves, and are the living entities of your brand every day. Because of this, it is important you protect them. Aside from worker’s compensation, you should consider disability coverage, even if that means charging the stylists for a portion of the cost. Additionally, protecting your stylist’s livelihood is protecting your livelihood. If there is a lawsuit or liability claim, it can hurt – and even destroy – your stylists and you.

3. Lawsuits

You have great stylists, and your clients are loyal – so they would never sue you, right? We live in a society where lawsuits and liability claims are common – don’t arrive to false conclusions and believe your business is safe from this. Just one mistake, mix-up, or fall could lead to you losing your business. It’s not just serious injuries that you need to worry about – it can be as simple as a haircut or color gone wrong. Not even considering if you lost the case, the legal defense alone could cost you enough to go out of business. When you have the appropriate hair and beauty salon insurance, you can have peace of mind and concentrate on what matters most – operating a thriving and successful salon.

4. Disasters Happen

Even if you don’t live in an area where natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or tornadoes are common – disasters happen everywhere. What if there is a fire, burst pipes, or theft? Although we don’t like to think any of these things could happen to us – none of us are protected from accidents. If an accident or disaster does happen and you have to close up shop for a period of time, what do you do about all of the income you lose while your business is closed? To save yourself from running out of money and possibly losing your business, give yourself the protection you need with the proper salon business insurance to cover you in any of these events.

5. Your Equipment & Inventory are Expensive

You have invested a lot of time and money into finding the perfect salon equipment, color line, and product lines for your salon, so you don’t want to lose that investment to damages, disasters, accidents, or theft. If your backwashes aren’t working, how are you going to provide a majority of your services? Or if someone breaks in and steals valuable equipment or products, how do you to replace everything? Finding your best fit of hair and beauty salon insurance coverage will ensure that your salon is able to repair or replace your property quickly and easily without a headache and losing business.

Salons provide services that affect their clients’ appearance and health and can even affect their privacy and safety. Protecting you, your stylists, your property, and equipment comes at a cost, but it is a cost that will save you and your business in the long-run. Make sure to take your time and consider all your options before deciding on the types of hair and beauty salon insurance and the insurance provider you want to work with. Several providers work regularly with salons and will be able to assist you in finding your perfect insurance package unique to you and your salon. Don’t let unexpected problems get the best of you and start looking into hairdressing business insurance for your salon today! Need more help with your business insurance? Give us a call and our dedicated team will be happy to provide some guidance!

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