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Summer Health & Beauty Trends

Summer Health & Beauty Trends


Now that the gray skies and cold days of winter are finally fading, it’s time to say hello to summer. Beach weather, vacations, weddings, and other summertime happenings often inspire your clients to try new hairstyles, makeup looks, and skincare products. Read on to find out about the latest health and beauty trends to showcase at your salon or spa this summer.

No Makeup

The makeup trend for this summer requires no makeup at all and instead focuses on smooth, glowing skin. Educate your customers on proper skin care, and offer summer specials focused on maintaining a fresh-faced look. Exfoliating products, facials, and peels might increase in popularity as customers pursue that natural glow. It’s also a good idea to stock moisturizer and other hydrating products in a prominent place on your retail shelves. Consider hosting a webinar or in-person class that teaches customers how to look their best without makeup.

Natural Hair Texture

This summer is all about showing off the natural texture of hair. When customers come in for a haircut or other hair treatment, show that you’re on top of this season’s health and beauty trends by explaining the benefits of letting hair air dry — spending less time inside with your straightening iron or blow dryer and allowing hair to retain more moisture. Steer your customers towards products you sell that highlight hair’s natural beauty, especially those that enhance natural waves and curls.

Blunt, Choppy Cuts

Choppy cuts with a blunt texture will be a popular request at hair salons this summer. Turn last year’s lob — a longer version of the bob — into this year’s hot look by having your stylists add extra layers and texture. Long, blunt-cut bangs are another stylish summer trend that customers will be asking for. Post pictures to social media of your stylists’ trendy cuts to inspire trust in new customers that your salon delivers the results they crave.

Bio-seaweed Gel Polish

Gel manicures and pedicures have been popular for years now for a long-lasting look that helps protect nails from breaking. Bio-seaweed gel is becoming the new go-to product for those who are looking to expand a healthy lifestyle to all aspects of their beauty routine. Consider adding bio-seaweed gel polish to your spa’s manicure and pedicure offerings, or if you already offer bio-seaweed gel polish, a summer sale is a great way to entice clients to try it for the first time.

Hyaluronic Acid Treatments

Beautiful skin is a trend that never goes out of style, but it’s especially important given the bare-skinned health and beauty trends expected to dominate this summer. Expect customers to ask for hyaluronic acid. This versatile treatment can be applied topically at home as a cream or serum, or a dermatologist can inject it for longer-lasting results. Be sure to stock up on products containing hyaluronic acid for customers who are looking to temporarily decrease the look of wrinkles.

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