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7 Amazing Benefits of Electric Massage Beds

7 Amazing Benefits of Electric Massage Beds

Salons and spas are a relaxation haven for the urban crowd. Salons are the ultimate destination to get pampered, rejuvenate the body, soul and let the steam go off.

When customers come to your salon with such high expectations to have a calming, alluring experience, you need to deliver excellent luxurious service to meet the expectations.

You might have hired the best hands and bought the best beauty products. However, without comfortable salon beds, you might not be able to deliver the ultimate luxurious experience that your clients desire.

Body massage, back massage, facial therapy are essential services of any beauty salons. Are you looking to deliver excellent services, get credible reviews, earn references and extend your list of happy customers? Purchase electric massage beds to offer a lavishly invigorating experience.

The best beauty salon furniture should be able to fulfil the needs of your client and the aesthetician. Different types of salon massage beds are distinguished according to several characteristics.

Still, wondering if you need a beauty salon bed? Here're 6 reasons you should start looking for one.

7 Amazing Benefits of Electric Massage Beds

1. Enhances Client Comfort

Your customer's experience begins from the moment they enter your salon or spa.

Ergonomically designed electric massage beds offer an ultimate exquisite experience to your customers.

These beds compliment the contours of every body type and elevate their massage experience.

With adjustable controls, you can deliver unique therapy to each client while they lay back and relax. And who doesn't love to feel a little special?

2. Takes Care Of Your Client's Health

Quality salon furniture like the adjustable electric salon beds improves your client's blood circulation and joint health.

Adjustable spa tables have demonstrated to improve the circulation and joint health of the person being treated. Going beyond just comfort, you can offer the safest, most beneficial treatment to your clients with electric massage beds.

The massage beds can alleviate swellings, muscle strains and revitalise the entire body.

Standard adjustable tables are equipped with in-built specific settings that you're unable to deviate from. However, with electric salon beds, you can customise the angles and height to the perfect placement for your customer.

3. Increases Staff Convenience

While you should put your customer's comfort first, you cannot forget your or your staff's convenience. If the aesthetician isn't comfortable, then you'll not be able to deliver quality service to your clients.

Electric massage beds don't just cater to your client's comfort but tend to the staff's convenience as well.

The adjustable controls make your staff's job easier. Deliver high-quality, enriching therapies while positioning the back and body pain-free and comfortably. Control the reclining angles, adjust the preferred height and work with ease.

4. Advanced Technique That Enables Better Therapies

We've moved from desktops to laptops, books to tablets, cell phones to smartphones, in-store shopping to online shopping in the technological era.

Then why stick to the traditional non-adjustable and uncomfortable salon equipment? It's time to freshen up your salon and let your customers delve into refreshing therapies.

Did you know perfectly customisable salon beds can improve your therapy technique? Massage techniques like Shiatsu massage, Thai massage, cupping therapy, aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, acupressure therapies, etc., can drastically improve.

When the therapist is able to adjust the angles, focus the strength and apply accurate pressure at the desirable points, you can expect nothing but the best massage therapy and a satisfied client. Doesn't that sound great?

5. You Can Offer A Plethora Of Services

Diverse services attract more customers, and therefore, your salon business generates more revenue. With versatility and modern features, you can offer various services with a single piece of salon equipment.

Electric salon beds are no exception. Facial therapies, facial massage, head massage, back massage, lower body massage, aromatherapy rituals, full-body massage, full-body exfoliation therapies, hot stone massage, etc.

With so many diversified therapies, you can surely expect your salon to be constantly busy. Turn your salon into the ultimate destination for relaxation.


6. Stylish, Elegant Additions That Uplift Your Salon Decor

Being in the beauty business, you can't ignore the aesthetic appeal of your salon. Thankfully the modern salon beds don't just offer excellent comfort but are available in stunning styles.

When customers walk into your salon, they don't just rate your service on therapies but also on your interior's elegance.

Salon beds are also not the same anymore. With a variety of options available, they won't fail to enhance the aesthetic flair of your salon's modern interior.

7. Budget-Friendly and Durable Options

With so many benefits, you may have concluded the price of electric massage beds must be skyrocketing? That's not the case. While cheaper hydraulic and standard massage might be tempting, electric salons beds are a much more budget friendly option in the long run.

With a one time investment, you can reap the benefits for years to come. Moreover, these stylish salon equipment comes within a wide price range. So, you can make your purchase as extravagant or as simple you want.

You can buy body-contoured, extremely flexible and completely customisable salon massage beds or minimal, ergonomic, adjustable ones.

A motor-controlled salon bed allows movement with minimal strain. In contrast, traditional manually operated massage beds require more effort making them prone to operational error and damage.

How To Choose The Perfect Electric Massage Bed For Your Salon?

Now that you're aware of the benefits of the modern electric salon beds, you must be wondering how to pick one. It's not that difficult.

Set aside your budget- First, you need to decide how much you want to invest in your beauty salon furniture. With a plethora of options available, this will help you narrow down your search.

Consider the space- Salon bedsare indeed a great addition. However, it shouldn't block the seamless movement inside your salon. Dedicate a space and select a massage bed that fits the designated area.

Decide the style- Do you want to buy a single bed? Or do you want a salon equipment set? Do you want a remote control operation? Do you want a stationary bed or a portable option? Decide a style that suits your budget.

Find a credible dealer for quality salon furniture- Quality should be your priority. Therefore, always purchase your electric salon beds from a credible, reputed and trustworthy dealer.

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