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How to Choose Beauty Salon Beds to Maximise Customer Satisfaction

How to Choose Beauty Salon Beds to Maximise Customer Satisfaction

People go to salons not just to have haircuts and mani-pedis, but also to be pampered and to relax. Your establishment may have the best products, and your staff may be the most skilled, but without a comfortable salon bed -- your customers will not leave feeling fully rejuvenated.

Deliver outstanding results by investing in a quality salon bed. Here's a list of factors to consider when deciding on the best salon bed to buy.


The importance of ergonomics and comfort cannot be understated when you're providing treatment services. Your customers sit or lay down for long periods, so it's vital that their bodies and heads are supported and relaxed. Look for a salon bed with high-quality padding. These beds will fit your customers snuggly but keep them in position while the beautician fixes their hair, nails or makeup.


Before buying a salon bed, consider the size of your salon or treatment room and the number of employees. A bed that’s too big will make it difficult for your staff to move around and work effectively. If it's too small, you’ll end up sacrificing your clients' comfort.


An adjustable bed is essential for the comfort of both the client and the beautician, with the recliner allowing control of the height, leg rest and back support. This flexibility helps your employees perform their jobs well without compromising the customers' comfort.


In an industry that's built upon making people look and feel good, it's vital to create a lasting positive impression. To attract and keep customers coming for beauty treatment, functional equipment must be aesthetically appealing. Choose salon beds that complement the theme and colour scheme of your salon or settle for neutral colours that look modern and sleek.


Like anywhere that provides treatments to clients, salons should be kept hygienic at all times. For this reason, invest in a salon bed that’s easy to clean and maintain. With the amount of foot traffic and body treatments on the premises, keeping beauty couches and salon beds clean between each client eliminates the transfer of bacteria and spread of infection. Salon beds are made in a variety of materials, including polyurethane upholstery, which are quick and simple to clean and sanitise for the next client.


A salon is a busy place, especially when it’s packed with waiting clients. To ensure maximum efficiency within your establishment, consider beauty couches that can store treatment essentials. The storage racks make it more accessible for beauticians to grab the tools and products.

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