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A Brief Guide to Selecting Beauty Salon Chairs

A Brief Guide to Selecting Beauty Salon Chairs

Beauty salon chairs are designed and built to fulfil different functions and contribute to interior design improvements. It is a significant factor in providing a comfortable and convenient salon experience to both the therapists and clients.

Whether you are in need of brand new furniture or an upgrade, here are three points to consider when choosing beauty salon chairs:

Quantity and Quality
A beauty salon is a business and budget is the first thing to consider when it comes to managing a business. This means that before purchasing any furniture, equipment or product -- in this case, salon chairs -- the quantity and quality of the chairs should serve the purpose of the salon for a long time.

In considering quantity, think of the layout of the beauty salon and ask the following questions: How many chairs can fit inside the salon while creating enough room for movement? How many clients can you and the staff service at one time? When it comes to quality, a little research and collaboration with the supplier can provide you with information regarding the material used, the manufacturer, the lifespan and the value of the chairs.

Another aspect to consider when choosing beauty salon chairs is the function. Different chairs are designed and built to provide comfort while allowing convenience for specific tasks such as cutting, styling, shampooing, drying, pedicure, manicure, massages, etc.

The comfort and convenience of the sitter, whether they are the therapists or the clients, should be sustained throughout the task. For the therapist, they should have sufficient access to the client’s area of concern and to the tools and equipment that they will use while sitting comfortably. For the clients, they should have sufficient access to the mirror and the entertainment materials while sitting comfortably.

Here are the different types of chairs used in beauty salons:

- Reception Chairs
- Barber Chairs
- Styling Chairs
- Wash Backs
- Dryer Chairs
- Hydraulic Chairs
- Stools and Task Chairs
- Pedicure Stools and Chairs
- Manicure Stools and Chairs
- Podiatry and Chiropody Chairs
Appearances are vital in the beauty industry, and interior design can create a first and lasting impression on potential clients. The selection and arrangement of furniture can dramatically influence the interior design of the salon. Beauty salon chairs, in particular, serve as centrepieces. So on top of the quantity, quality and function, the chairs should be stylish. Some of the things to consider include the size, shape, colour and texture.

Beauty salon chairs should be the correct size and shape that the therapists and clients can sit in comfort while allowing enough space for pathways. The colour and texture should work with the rest of the elements of the salon to create cohesion and balance. Neutral colours create a more classic look while bright colours create a fresher look. The shade and undertones of the chairs depend on the overall look that you want for your salon.

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